What you get with the LinkedIn redesign

What you get with the LinkedIn redesign

March 6 2017 - LinkedIn, Marketing, Networking

LinkedIn recently finished up a major renovation of its platform, which happens to be the world’s largest professional network of about 470 million members.

LinkedIn touts its redesign as an overhaul of its technology architecture and its most drastic transformation since its official launch in 2003. The company hopes this has created a more intuitive, faster and valuable experience.

Here are the enhancements the company highlighted on its blog:

  • Streamlined navigation
  • Smarter messaging
  • Richer feeds
  • More intuitive search
  • Greater insights into who’s viewing your content
  • Better suggestions

Let’s break these changes down.

Streamlined Navigation

Kind of like a well-designed office that places an importance on strategic placement of workers, equipment and other resources, LinkedIn has done the same with it’s a simplified navigation that brings the core functions of the site into focus.

So now you will find the site’s essential tools and features closer to your fingertips. These include: your feed, messaging, jobs, notifications, profile/settings, network and search.

Smarter Messaging

LinkedIn hopes to build bridges between you and your future colleague. Not only does LinkedIn support real-time messaging, it will also provide insights so you can seamlessly spark a conversation with someone within the network. The idea is to connect to you to someone who works at a company you may be interested in.

Richer Feeds

The site is boosting the power of both its algorithm and human editors to fine tune the content on your LinkedIn feed. What this means is that you’ll discover the most relevant content produced by the people and organization that matter the most to you.

Better Search

LinkedIn’s universal search will empower you to easily find the people, companies, jobs and schools topical to your profession, education or aspirations. It will also define terms to narrow your search to posts, for example.

Who’s Viewing Your Content?

LinkedIn continues to allow users to see who’s looked at their profile and content. LinkedIn says it will offer greater insights into this important function that can lead to a conversation and ultimately, a new career.

Better Suggestions

As you build your network, LinkedIn will step in and offer suggestions on how to better shape your own profile so you stand out. The improved suggestions will guide you to add or edit information on your profile that could help you connect with recruiters or potential clients.

If you haven’t signed in to LinkedIn in a while, make sure you check out the changes. The redesign benefits some businesses as well. Contact us if you have any questions about utilizing LinkedIn in your marketing strategy!

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Blake Ellington is the CCO at Ellington Marketing Solutions.

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